Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sheet Music, Scores

If you want to get some sheet music ranging from beginner to expert check Oh, and some are free. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

The String Zone

I totally forgot about sharing the link to an online cello shop that I found and have bought stuff.

It is a very nice shop,  the most complete I've found, with very good costumer relation and very nice prices.

I absolutely recommend The String Zone.

Comment on your experience. :)

Cello Bows and Literature

I was searching for literature and information about cello bows and came across a very nice selection of articles in a Australian music store called SharMusic.

Nice articles for those who like to read about the cello bow.

Too bad it's Australian, I was hoping to buy stuff from them. You know... without all those extra shipping cost.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cello Lessons - Hans "Enke" Zentgraf


in this post I would like to share with you a very good set of lessons in YouTube. These are cello lessons for begginers by a known cellist Hans "Enke" Zentgraf.

This is the first lesson:

To get access to all the lessons available follow this link to view the YouTube playlist.

Have fun!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cello Online


A very good resource to start is Cello Online it offer a very good starting point.

Wikipedia and the Cello

Hello everybody, in this post I have the first link to help you start to know the cello instrument.

Have fun!

First Post

Hello every body, if the is anyone reading this blog.

Today I'm posting about this blog, why I created it, and how I'm planing to organize it.

Something about me: I began thinking about play the cello because I was looking for a hobby, something that made me escape
 for the daily activities. After searching 
for hobbies I remembered "how about learning an instrument?". I don't remember very well why I thought of the cello, but anyway I thought about it.

The first thing I did was searching for information about beginning to play the cello. The information I got was: Go to the local luthier or music shop and try as many cellos as possible. Well that was a huge problem since there are many shop here in Porto, but none had even a single cello to try out. *eye rolling*

Anyway, eventually I went to a shop that told me that they had a cello in the store. When they show me the "cello", I told the lady of the store: "I don't know much about cellos, but that seems to a Double Bass (1/4
)!!". In fact, it was really a small Double Bass, labeled as a cello. I thought to myself: "Damn, that's some big ass cello! :P"

After a conversation they agreed to order a cello and have me try it out.

(Days later)
Went to the store and finally saw a cello (live) for the first time in my life. The cello is such a beautiful piece of art. One of the greatest things invented.

The cello was a Stagg .

As I knew nothing about cellos that seemed like a very good instrument, and I reeeeeaaallly wanted a cello so I bought it. It came with everything for a beginner to start playing.

The cello came with the bridge not yet put in place.

The guy working at the store put the bridge in place and I started to play, to feel if it was possible for me the play the cello. It worked out great. Except for the part that I played as good as the sound of shatered glass. :P

My next posts will be about the bridge (which was not correctly put in place, but that's another story), about where I began to search for resources and lessons (will share, promise!), the problems I encountered and how I solved them, and so on.

Thanks for reading, check back for more later or subscribe RSS Feed. :)